14m 250w hps high mast light

High mast flood light tower | LED floodlighting | HPS ...

<b>High mast flood light</b> tower | LED floodlighting | <b>HPS</b> ...

Description. While most high mast lights are high pressure sodium light. Also can use other types such as mercury vapor, metal halide and LED. Some units have the lighting surrounded by a circular shield to prevent or reduce light pollution or light trespass from affecting neighbour hoods adjacent to the highway.

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High-Mast Lighting is a commonly used to illuminate large areas from a very high mounting height for storage, transportation, and pedestrian use and safety. High Mast Fixtures are typically mounted on poles 40ft to 150ft tall, with 4 to 16 fixtures mounted on each pole.

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LED High Mast Lights replaces Metal Halide and HPS Fixtures. The mounting heights range from 60 ft to 120 ft and above. The fixtures form a circular or square pattern to distribute the light evenly over a maximum radius or area.

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The Evolve LED High Mast is an LED solution for expressway, freeway interchanges and other large area applications. Our unique reflective optics are designed to optimize application efficiency and minimize glare. This reliable unit has a 100,000-hour design life, significantly reducing maintenance needs and expense over the life of the fixture.

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LED <b>High</b> <b>Mast</b> <b>Light</b> - China <b>High</b> <b>Mast</b> <b>Light</b>, <b>High</b> <b>Mast</b> ...

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Utilization factor k (area lighting) Lumen on the area Actual Measurements (average) High Mast 9*400W HPS-T flood lights LED flood lights, 8*250W 9*432W=3,888W 2,000W (50% less) 9*55,000=495,000lm 186,000 495,000/3,888= 127lm/W 93lm/W 77 % 80 % 148,800 70 % 80 % 266,805 199,040 (55% less) 3.17 1.35 (57% less)

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